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During the summer of 2011 four teachers from Emmett and Boise Idaho spent two weeks at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virgina. Here are the documents created for the lesson plans developed as part of NASA's Simulation-Based Aerospace Engineering Teacher Professional Development Program. For more information about the program, see the official website:

Mars Lander Simulation Documents

Review Mars PowerPoint (.ppt)

Land on Mars Student Interactive PowerPoint (.pptx)

Pad Abort Simulation Documents

Microsoft Office 2010 was used to make most of these files - drop me an email if you need them in .rtf or .pdf. email:

Lesson Plan (.doc)

Drag Worksheet (.xlsx)

Water Rocket/Pad Abort Comparison Video (.m4v)

Pad Abort Test Launch Video (.wmv)

Calculating Position Worksheet Teacher Edition (.docx)

Calculating Position with Drag Student Worksheet (.docx)

Preassignment (.docx)

Graph Paper (.docx)

Monte Carlo Excel File (.xlsx)

Request for Proposals (.docx)

Proposal Score Sheet

Water Rocket Launcher Instructions (.pdf)

Water Rocket Construction Instructions (.pdf)

Proposal Reviewer Score Sheet (.docx)

Science with Sandy

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